The ECC 521 is a hit with the younger generation

People today have an increased level of awareness about mobile phone security issues. This is because of the growing instances of data theft from smartphones all over the world. The data thieves have found a new vulnerable target in the smartphone users. In the normal course, people use security measures to lock their phones with various security systems such as iris recognition, finger print validation, on screen designs, etc. This ensures that gaining entry into the smartphone becomes difficult. However, the intelligent hacker is not looking to gain entry into the smartphone in the conventional way at all. He is waiting for an opportunity when you send out a message that contains vital and confidential information. The existing PGP Blackberry Secure Email Encryption system can offer protection up to a certain level.
The existing system does encrypt your messages and thus reading them is going to be difficult. However, the system does have a loophole. It does not encrypt the message header and the details of the sender and the recipient. This allows the hacker to concentrate only on those messages that can contain vital information. An intelligent fellow will always be able to decipher which message is important from the data available with him on hand. The recipient details and the message header can disclose this fact to a great extent. The ECC 521 security system aims to plug this loophole.
In the existing system, there is an encrypting of the message but the correspondences between the phone and the server remains open. The hacker can place his foot here to gain a foothold. The ECC 521 does not allow this to happen as well because it encrypts the exchanges between the phone and the server as well.
Some service providers can be dangerous because they can share your confidential information with the unscrupulous elements. The professional ethics does not allow them to do so but you can never discount such service providers. You can always find them lurking in the corner. The PGP system is a secure one that requires you to use access codes. The problem is that you have to depend on the service provider to create the codes for you. An unethical service provider can thus have access to your systems in a clandestine manner.  
The ECC security system does away with such practices. Of course, you need to have the access codes. The security system eliminates the service provider from the picture. The system is such that you have to create your own access codes. This makes it 100% safe because no third person can have access to the system in any way now.  
The best aspect of this system is that it allows for backward compatibility. Usually, the advanced systems do not allow you to go back. This system allows you to correspond and contact with PGP users.  
These advanced features make the ECC 521 a favorite with the younger generation. They are the ones who use the system more because they use the smartphones more as well.